PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

I found this sleazy white man. Is he yours?

* Previously, on Lost: SAYID SMASH
* Hooker Ana Lucia's a good cop!
* Wow, we didn't have to wait long on Ako vs. Sayid.
* Her mom's the police chief? WTF, mate.
* So, does this precinct have a lot of zombie problems?

Kate: What's he talking about?
Hurley: Ignore him, he's an idiot.

* I'm actually pretty pleased with the scenes of golf and Rose and beach life and, well, a little normalcy.
* "Well, why don't we play a few holes and see who's more accurate?" -Kate
* So, I think it's safe to say Ana Lucia has control issues.
* Big time.
* Ako, why are you so cool?
* So how is it that Kate is a golf pro again?
* Ako's arrival: brilliant.
* OK, guys, if you're going to have a crossword puzzle on TV, please try to make it look a little realistic.
* However, love the Enkidu clue. And not just because I love that story.
* Now, to continue harping on the issue. Is Ako Enkidu to Locke's Gilgamesh? Or the other way around?
* (And I love the scene where Locke meets Ako.)
* (OK, I'm done.)
* "She has no plan. She only has her guilt, and the gun." -Sayid
* Setting loose the guy that shot her? Huh.
* My, Kate has a good... bedside manner. Hur hur hur.
* "I just don't think you're the best judge of character." -Libby
* Heh, of course Michael wanders into Sun's garden.
* "What do you want?" -Ako
* Oh. Ana Lucia totally killed that guy. I was ready for her to have second thoughts at the last minute and not go through with it.
* "What good would it be to kill you if we're both already dead?" -Sayid
* "You're going to be alright. You're home." -Kate
* The big reunion scene. Michael and Vincent, Sun and Jin, Bernard and Rose. Another great silent scene. Everyone loves a happy ending.
* Oh, right.
* Next week: even more Kate.
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