PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"You've heard of reality television? This might be reality newspaper. It is 'The Washington Post Live,' and it is playing out on CNN, thanks in part to Mr. Kurtz and his highly unusual double role as media writer for The Post and media referee for the cable network."

Today's read: More leaks please!

As costs for the new stadium rise, DC is forced to foot more of the bill.

* So, don't know who's paying for the rebuilding of New Orleans? You're not the only one. Also, the city continues to sink. And, rebuilding the school system.
* BAGnewsNotes with a Guantanamo update.
* Three senators flex their muscle, and shape the public debate.
* BBC Q&A on Sharon leaving the Likud party.
* Bush heads home from Asia.
* Alito's record shows a leaning towards religious expression.
* Muslim children find a place in scouting.
* Ouch. One in twenty students is a victim of crime.
* The number of peole living with HIV worldwide has topped 40 million.
* England works to deal with a shortage of physics teachers.
* Hayabusa probe fails to touchdown on its asteroid target.
* Supermarkets have changed how we shop.
* Fox ponders what to do about American Idol.

Bush tries to make a quick exit. The door has other ideas.

Oddly enough, the Arab Muslim community has an appetite for American movies.

And the most dangerous city in the country is...

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