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"There is something singularly appropriate about the fact that the Plame affair should involve Woodward, whose skillful and courageous use of the ur-voice among confidential sources virtually created a whole genre of Washington reporting. It's a journalistic strategy style dependent on the cultivation of access to well-placed officials greased by promises of 'confidentiality.' It's a way of doing journalism that still serves its practitioners' career interests, but less and less often their readers or viewers because it's a game the powerful and well-connected have learned to play to their own advantage."

Bush flip-flops with his comments on the war debate.

More problems in the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

Is Metro under-reporting crimes?

* More from Wilkerson on Cheney's support of torture.
* How the administration got tricked by 'Curveball.'
* How the sprawling corruption investigation of Abramoff may ensnare more lawmakers.
* Texas executes its fifth teenager. (Courtesy Selene and theantichrist.)
* Tough times ahead for the Republicans in Congress.
* "We have said innumerable times that she would go to Washington and open her mouth and create an embarrassment."
* NYTimes public editor on the proper use of anonymous sources.
* The second coming of Che Guevara.
* How to deal with little girls dressing provocatively.

Another side of genetic tests for Down's syndrome.

"The British are about to embark on an exercise in social engineering based on what many think is an odd premise – that excessive drinking can be controlled by making it easier to drink."

What makes the Narnia novels so good?

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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