PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

and then I had a day where I didn't get anything done

Post editorial on Woodward protecting his sources.

More on Bush's war on journalism.

Great read: BAGnewsNotes profiles Alito.

"The Vatican's chief astronomer said Friday that 'intelligent design' isn't science and doesn't belong in science classrooms."

* Scanlon, former partner to Abramoff and former aide to DeLay, to plead guilty to conspiracy. Just keeps getting deeper, people.
* More setbacks: Republicans delay vote on the Patriot Act. Also, Republican infighting may look familiar.
* Another look at the trade gap and its implications.
* Bush to encourage religious freedom in China.
* How big is your personal entertainment budget?
* May be a hoax, but: Shatner hopes to auction off kidney stone.
* Xenophobic comics in Japan become hot items.
* The new tyranny of inflatable holiday lawn decorations.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Gamma breaks new records. It's a new world order.

Online dating agencies sued for fraud, and accused of sending employees out on dates.

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