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So, late show of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Officially, my favorite of all the movies, and it's saying a lot to note it beat #3 in my book. I'm shocked they were able to keep in as much of the story as they did. The film *did* feel a bit rushed in parts, and there are definitely scenes I wish were at least twice as long. I'm glad I read the book first, also, because I think I would have been confused without knowing what's going on, but Selene reports she didn't have any issues.

I didn't notice anything major cut from the book. OK, I *did* notice they chopped all the house elf crap, but as you can guess, I'm pretty happy about that. Neville? Don't miss him. More Ginny? OK, I would have liked more Ginny. It still freaks me out how all the Weasleys actually look related.

Honestly, the movie deserves an award for casting alone. Cedric was just about perfect, he helped convey the differences in the ages really well, and the class tension really came through in this movie. The Patil sisters were good, too, as was Karkaroff. Barty Crouch Jr. was good, but needed more screen time. Neville remains a huge rock star. But really, Brendan Gleeson *stole* every scene he was in. "Technically, it's a ferret."

And they totally nailed my favorite part of the series to date: the dance. Yes, I'm lame. But man, it was a great way to illustrate how much they've grown up over the years, and how immature they still are. So well done. The scene where Cho turns down Harry was heartbreaking and classic; the tension between Ron and Hermione (and Ron and Harry) were very good also, and show that yes, all these kids can really act.

What else. The dragons were fantastic. Voldemort's return was great. I don't think Filch got a single line in the movie, but still remained a great presence. I just about died to see him dancing with the cat.

Rambling now. Yep. Liked it.

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