PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

New trailers:
* Over the Hedge - Hadn't heard about this coming up, but wow. Great animation, Dreamworks outdid themselves. Good cast, too. And I cracked up a couple times, so, looks decent.
* Happy Feet - According to this trailer, it's an animated movie about a bunch of penguins dancing, and then hugging. Methinks they might want to reveal a bit more of the plot, if there is one.
* King Kong - OK, not a new trailer, but hot damn, this one is a treat. Can't get enough of it. Audience (and a certain someone) totally won over.
* Superman Returns - Divided on this one. The visuals are pretty damn keen. DC is totally going to take the box office back from Marvel if Marvel doesn't do something about it fast. Talking it over with Selene later, though, I realized they really didn't show much of anything in the trailer. Yes, some visuals, and yes, the costume, but there was no plot, no arc, no action. It would have been fine as a teaser trailer, except it was the length of a regular trailer. One point off for not even mentioning Kevin Spacey, one point added for Marlon Brando voiceover. Anyways, lookin' sharp.

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