PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Clearly on the defensive, Bush now sounds increasingly Nixonian as he basically calls the majority of the country traitors for noticing he tricked us."
-Robert Scheer

Hey, everyone like smaller government, right? Well, here's some budget cuts. Only a problem if you happen to be poor, or a student. They're the ones with the money, after all.

* The CIA's joint operations centers overseas listed as a success from the war on terrorism.
* UN rejects offer to visit Guantanamo, saying the administration's restrictions would make it pointless.
* Army to halt some call-ups. Meanwhile, a GAO report says that important military jobs are going unfilled.
* Abernathy to leave the FCC.
* The CIA has interest in medical profiling.
* Charles Krauthammer takes on... 'intelligent design.' Huh.
* Problems with the organ transplant system.
* Evidence that dinosaurs ate grass.
* Nobel prize winning chemist Henry Taube passed away.
* Time to update the wrestler uniform.

The challenge isn't getting students into college, but getting them to graduate.

"Scientists working with mice have found that by removing a single gene they can turn normally cautious animals into daring ones."
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