PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

Good morning, sunshine!

* Shit, water landing.
* Can't get enough of the scenes of panic and chaos.
* "We're not there yet." -Ana Lucia
* Eko rules. Seriously. But man, corpse-duty. Whuf.
* a.) I love Libby. b.) I'm never going to listen to one of her stories. OUCH.
* Oh, Bernard. Tree'd!

Goodwin: I'm with the Peace Corps.
Ana Lucia: They still have that?

* OMG Eko bet two of them to death. With. A. Rock.
* Hooray for wild turkey chicken!
* So. They have less wreckage to work with, because of the water crash. No Korean fisherman feeding them. No crazy boar hunter. No surgeon. Tough luck there. (But they do have one psychologist. Heh. Might come in handy.)
* OTHERS ATTACK. Drag off *nine,* ouch.
* "It's a list." Names *and descriptions*!
* Bernard: "Why would they try to infiltrate us? That's - that's crazy!"
* Ah, Cindy was a stewardess.
* Y'know, Nathan sounds pretty close to Ethan.
* Ana Lucia is like a weird combo of Jack and Sawyer.
* Oh, Goodwin. You scamp.
* The door! QUARANTINE.
* Storage facility? For glass eyes and Bibles?
* Ana Lucia: "Why do you think they're doing this?" Took threats first, hmmm.

Goodwin: "Nathan was not a good person. That's why he wasn't on the list." EEEEE

* Ana Lucia: "This is our life now. Get used to it."
* Eko: "It's going to be OK."
* Eko: "You waited 40 days to cry."
* Day 45: Jin-tastic!
* Also, I can't get enough of seeing this.
* Day 48: WHISPERS

Man, I wish this episode had been two hours long.

So, this episode made things less clear for my internal debate on the Others vs. the Filthy Pirates. Everything else works, except the freaky silent legs we saw in the jungle. (Oh, and Rousseau, but again, she's goofy.)
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