PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Sometimes you have to fight the war you have, not the war you wish you had."
-David Von Drehle talks with Rumsfeld

Shenanigans at the Justice Department, as staff turns over and focus shifts to the administration's agenda.

Moderates are unhappy with the Republican party.

Is the United States losing its edge in innovation and invention?

* In the face of falling poll numbers, fractured Republicans shift strategies.
* Robert Reich on who benefits most from free trade.
* Democracy summit ends poorly.
* Did Libby specifically set out to take the fall for Cheney?
* In politics, money isn't everything.
* Will PG County break the homicide record?
* The FBI targets eco-terrorists.
* Check out the next generation of nuclear detectors.
* This just in: condoms aren't perfect. I fear the subtext.
* Military works on bacteria-fighting chewing gum. For combat.
* Pioneering social ecologist Peter F. Drucker passed away.
* English football tackles homophobia.
* Review of Anne Rice's new Jesus novel.
* "It just seemed like a girl frenzy."

A race against time to record the memories of veterans of the Great War.

A historian laments the loss of an English villain.

Ten lessons for unruly kids from a chivalry camp.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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