PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Dinosaurs with saddles? Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? Welcome to your new Eden. Welcome to Idiot America."
-Courtesy demigoth (who needs a code name)

More hard-hitting news from the NYTimes:
"Many truck drivers mount stuffed animals on the grilles of their vehicles. But why?"

* Analysis: "Despite statements to the contrary, the administration's prewar intelligence was more complete than that provided to Congress."
* What about a change in Iraq strategy?
* Nominee Alito and his libertarian streak.
* Howard Kurtz on the blood in the water.
* How conservative should the Republicans be?
* Tom Toles on the White House ethics class.
* What is meant by 'support our troops'?
* Pirate 'mother ship' spotted.
* Government defends BlackBerries.
* Are we looking at a schism upcoming in the Episcopalian church?

For more reading today: I've been enjoying CNN Special Reports celebrating their 25th anniversary. Good picks are the lists, like the 25 top most important pop culture moments, and updates (I *love* updates to old news stories,) like for instance, what ever happened to Elizabeth Smart?

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