PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Because the news from Iraq has been mostly relegated to the back pages, I don't think most people grasp the intensity of the current hostilities. What's taking place in towns near the Syrian border is an offensive on the same scale as the Falloujah campaign. According to yesterday's LAT, U.S. warplanes were dropping 500 pound bombs, and a force of about 2,500 American and 1,000 Iraqi soldiers had invaded the town of Husaybah, which has a population of 30,000."

Prince George's County bans smoking in bars and restaurants.

To wrap up: Pennsylvania is smart and Kansas is dumb.

Congress's newest club: the Sissy Six.

* "An anti-Republican sentiment spread across Northern Virginia yesterday as voters overwhelmingly cast their ballots for Democrats, sweeping aside the traditional Virginia formula in which Republicans carry the outer suburbs and Democrats win the inner ones."
* News analysis: what the Virginia win could mean for Warner and the party.
* Republicans needed hits and got misses.
* A kick in the teeth for Schwarzenegger.
* "Journalists love endorsements. Voters don't care." -Howard Kurtz

* Who is this Chalabi guy anyways?
* 'Alito signals reluctance to overturn Roe v. Wade.'
* World Opinion Roundup: could it happen here?
* White House plans retaliation on pre-war intelligence investigation.
* Check out Bush's nominees to the FCC.
* Bill Gates talks about the industry shift towards internet-based software.
* Venus probe launches.
* "Your new weatherman: Lewis Black."

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