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(No lj-cut today, because all these links rule)

"The FBI has determined that financial gain, not an effort to influence U.S. policy, was behind the forged documents that the Bush administration used to bolster its prewar claim that Iraq sought uranium ore in Africa."

Ooh. Remember when I mentioned Tomlinson's resignation from the public broadcasting board yesterday? Now there's even more to the story. And that more is 'criminal investigation.'

* 400 years later, and still popular.
* If the plot had succeeded, it would have changed the face of London.
* And had it succeeded, how would it have altered history?

* Winter closes in on the survivors of the Pakistani earthquake.
* Navigating (occasionally deadly) traffic jams in the streets of Iraq.
* My favorite headline today: Some in GOP Regretting Pork-Stuffed Highway Bill
* Audit board says the US owes Iraq a lot of cash.
* Turns out Alito is a great pick... for big business.
* Huh. Wal-Mart hosted a presentation of nine academic papers on the company's impact on the economy.
* A year with no corporate profit growth?
* The Pennsylvania 'intelligent design' case comes to a close.
* An awesome Italian chemist, working to debunk miracles.
* Whoah: Snakeheads in a Breeding Frenzy
* China wants a moon landing by 2017.
* The Boondocks cartoon premieres Sunday.

Howard Kurtz on the new book by Maureen Dowd, 'a book about love and war between the sexes.'

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