PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Pasta Plus last night, after an afternoon viewing of The Two Towers. Before everyone asks me, no, no baby yet. Next appointment is Monday, when we will talk inducement.

You are all vindicated by this article on solitaire. I'm looking at you, Operative X.

Three trailers:
1.) Terminator 3. I mean, really, guys, it's called Rise of the Machines, couldn't you have sprung the $20 for a new plot?
2.) Pirates of the Caribbean. A lot of people are really up on this, I am reserving judgment. I would also remind those people that Disney's only other movie based on one of their theme park rides was The Country Bears.
3.) X-2. Aw. Yeah.

One thing that bugs me less, after this viewing:
1.) The wargs look OK, I guess.

Three *more* points in the movie that the whole thing should have gone silent, and someone breaks the silence by just saying "Shit.":
1.) Faramir reveals that, in fact, he is Boromir's brother.
2.) Right before the Battle at Helm's Deep, when it starts raining.
3.) At Helm's Deep, when the Wall *explodes,* raining debris on the orc horde.

* North Korea going for the sympathy vote by threatening to start World War 3. Good job guys.
* Jealous that other scientists are scarier, astronomers are getting closer to pictures of the Big Bang. Yes, *that* Big Bang.
* The only *real* defense against terrorism: education.

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