PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Andrew Cohen on the fall of the house of Libby.

Analysis: the Plame leak prosecution's focus has shifted to the cover-up. (Bonus: Watergate!)

Colbert King gives thanks for judicial activism.

Man, how much of a jerk do you have to be to give out fake flu shots?

* Joe Wilson speaks out about the Libby indictment.
* The trail of the White House cabal. BAGnewsNotes checks out the photographic evidence.
* Analysis: 'A moment of truth for a White House in crisis.'
* The legal strategy of journalists vs. their source.
* The CIA has yet to assess the fallout of the leak.
* Emily Messner on the debate over criminalization versus just plain criminal.

* The Iraqi army suffers without necessary armor. This might sound familiar.
* There are other victims of the war.
* Examining cracks in the conservative base, and where to go from there.
* Can the Republicans reach out to black voters?
* New Orleans police department fires 45 officers for desertion.
* Scientists link two genes to dyslexia.
* Alastair G. W. Cameron, who theorized about the creation of the Moon, passed away.
* The wild parrots of England.
* Fox tries to look on the bright side of their schedule, after the World Series sets record-low ratings.
* Dear Mr. Stallone: please, just knock it off. Thanks. Love, me.
* A gallery of sports photos by the late Jerry Cooke.

What can I say, consumption is hot. Gothic fashion is coming back in style.

Mel Gibson reveals some details about his new epic movie about the Mayans. Also, he reveals his new crazy-person beard.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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