PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"It breaks my heart to find myself within the cesspool of reality TV shows." -Peter Funt, the host of Candid Camera

Yes, Monday was the premiere of Joe Millionaire, which is going to be *another* guilty pleasure. The whole episode was all mean, mean, mean. And I love the butler guy. I was concerned they were taking too long setting the whole thing up, and a couple of bits seemed repeated. And how much are they spending on this show! (And the one girl who had another girl bite the pearls, to make sure they were real.) But seeing the difference between the way these people act when together and interview to the camera, man. (And yes, him too. That's going to be the other gem. I don't think he's quite as innocent and dopey as they are playing him up, though.) So, final verdict: snee hee hee.

"Its secret (clear to its viewers but not the paleofeminists and moralists who decried it) is that while The Bachelor pretends to celebrate a primitive dating ritual, its audience was mean to laugh at it. That's why its viewers, mostly young women, watched; they didn't aspire to be one of the twenty-five dewey-eyed dimbos seeking their M.R.S. degree any more than your average young male Fear Factor viewer want to eat earthworms." -Time magazine
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