PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"How did Condoleezza Rice come to a worldview so radically different from that of most black Americans? Is she blind, is she in denial, is she confused, or what?"
-Eugene Robinson

See, Cheney's proposal would let the CIA keep torturing people.

So. Will the Plame investigation ensnare Cheney?

* Analysis: Bernanke as the safe choice. Bonus: profiles of Bernanke by the Post and
the Times.
* 'To deal with his struggling presidency, Bush advisers develop a strategy to confront the war while focusing on other areas such as economic policies.'
* Strained ties between Canada and the US.
* Wal-Mart seeks to improve energy efficiency.
* A timeline of sixty years at the UN.
* Rosa Parks passed away.
* The Montgomery County school board steps into trouble by granting a seat to an anti-gay organization.
* Gas prices are down dramatically.
* Volcano on Galapagos erupts.
* Colbert Report points out the absurdity of today's TV news.

Dueling views of Darwin's legacy.

Do we need warning labels on warning labels?

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