PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What this means is if a judge had contributed to Crime Stoppers that judge could not hear a burglary case... We don't live in a country where political party determines the measure of justice."
-Ronnie Earle

After enduring two disasters, cities face a new disaster of financial peril.

Patrick Fitzgerald, the Plame leak investigator, called 'exacting and apolitical.'

More on Miers: "If a first-year law student wrote that and submitted it in class, I would send it back and say it was unacceptable."

* Why Miers should not receive privilege.
* Andrew Cohen calls cable's legal coverage to task.
* NYTimes editor takes Miller to task.
* Released reporter describes his kidnapper as an "over-attentive waiter."
* Pennsylvania officials seize the newborn baby of a sex offender.
* How Katrina-relief legislation has revived the debate over school vouchers.
* Stem cell legislation pushed back... to election year.
* A look at the art of flattery.

Inside the American science of interrogation and torture.

Pieces of people's lives cast adrift in disaster debris.

A clever rat teaches some scientists a lesson. (The BBC story adds an interesting detail to the ending.)

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