PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The CIA leak case isn't just about whether top officials will be indicted. A larger issue is what Judith Miller's evidence says about White House manipulation of the media."

"Yesterday, in one of the twice-weekly conference calls involving conservative leaders and organized by liaisons to the White House, several participants said Miers should stop paying visits to senators because they do more harm than good."

"George W. Bush rose to power on the strength of a disciplined, aggressive, leakproof spin machine. Now that machine may have run amok."

Good read: looking at the disconnect between realities in Iraq.

* John Nichols on Cheney as the most vindictive man in Washington.
* Charles Krauthammer looks for an exit strategy on Miers.
* DeLay kicks off the case by... trying to get the judge replaced.
* How the FBI is trying to repair its image on college campuses.
* Wal-Mart to apply pressure to foreign factories.
* A map disappears, and wildlife is open for exploitation.
* Defining NASA's new direction.

Inside DC's natural death squad.

Hollywood skips theaters and takes movies right to churches.

Tips for updating James Bond for modern times.

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