PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Saturday presented the tastiest of pho, and shockingly close by at that. (Thai Palace or Viet Palace, Can't remember the name. Right off 650.) Afterwards, a nice game night, which also gave me a chance to play Heroclix. But, oh, the irony, after trying so long to get this gang of friends together to play, and my JLAers are soundly defeated by Clive's horde of Doombots and Hydra, occasionally lead by the Red Skull. Feh. But, a fun night, and I am glad I got to see people (albeit briefly) before exile. (Red Queen's mother comes into town tonight, and the expected due date is Wednesday (!!!)

Finally saw Shallow Grave as well, which was pretty decent. And watched most of Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility which was good, but suffered from not enough Alan Rickman (as so many films also suffer.)

* Bush's HUGE new economic stimulus package. Where is the money coming from for this? And guess who benefits most? You probably guessed right.
* Back to the Middle East. Clearly, the best way for Israel to stop suicide bombers is to shut down Palestinian universities, Because I'm sure that will be the best way to cause peace immediately. Good job guys.
* PETA once again has its heart in the right place, but I don't think enough of their people ate at KFC before to make a boycott worthwhile. Well, I'm in. Not that I ate at KFC before, but hey.
* Justifying illegal concert bootlegs.
* Disney muscling into theater musicals to make up for their sagging theme park revenues.
* Predicting the unpredictable in the new year.
* Environmental switcheroo! Manatees need power plants. Stupid nature.

Fortune Cookie: "He who has not tastes the bitter does not understand the sweet." Oh, so true, fortune cookiers!
MP3: The Cure, "Hello, I Love You"

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