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Previously, on Lost...


* Previously: I'm still hoping betting they're cannibals.
* Wedding ring gone!
* Wait, a Sun and Jin flashback episode? Bueno!
* Hee, Jin certainly has a winning smile.
* Sawyer: "A long walk where?" Ana-Lucia: "Back to where you came from."
* Ah, she doesn't remember where she lost the ring. Bet I can tell you right now.
* Jin, the world's best fisherman.
* "Do not open the door for people like you." Oh, snap.
* Hooray for wreckage machete!
* "That's where he's going - towards them." -Ako
* Hurley, you mastermind.
* "So. Seoul. Is that in the good Korea or the bad one?" -Hurley
* "His name was Goodwin." Color me officially suspicious.
* Man, if he ever gets off the island, Jin will be a professional charades master.
* "I don't think I have ever seen you angry." -Sun
* Hooray for Lock acting like himself again!
* Ako: "They don't leave tracks." EEEEE
* OK, that scene was messed up.
* "I'm sick of everyone saying he's alright!" -Sun
* MICHAEL! orisit?
* "I know thy took your son, but you have no idea what these people are capable of." -Ako
* Kate reading the notes? Bitch.
* My precious!
* Heh, bumped into her.
* More on why this show rules: transposing the scene of Jin meeting Sun with her finding the ring. And no dialogue! And their characters just shine through.
* Next week: AAAAA

So. If those were The Others, Walt was totally taken by someone else, because that totally wasn't the Filthy Pirates.

Locke: I'm not lost anymore.
Sun: How did you do that?
Locke: Same way anything lost gets found: I stopped looking.

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