PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

E.J. Dionne Jr.: "We are on the verge of an extraordinary moment in American politics. The people running our government are about to face their day - or days - in court." The BBC looks at the bad omens.

Richard Cohen wonders about the role of Miers' faith. Also, questions on her views on privacy. And, she backed a ban on most abortions, according to recent papers released.

More madness of the Jack Abramoff chronicles. Seriously. Oh, and the investigation expands.

Higher energy prices for consumers on the way.

* Chertoff backs the expulsion of all illegal immigrants.
* Cheney's office now the focus of the Plame leak case.
* Internal FEMA e-mails show the disarray after the hurricane.
* 'The Bush administration notified states on Monday that they would have to pay billions of dollars to the federal government next year to help finance the new prescription drug benefit for people on Medicare.'
* George F. Will compares the Iraqi constitutional process to our own.
* What's being said about the Iraqi vote in foreign press.
* The recent crises raise criticism over Card's management.
* Emily Messner defends the media on Iraq.
* World corruption report is in.
* DeLay turned down a misdemeanor plea deal.
* College costs continue to rise.
* Two industry trade groups sued California over a law barring the sale of violent video games to minors.
* Case over 'intelligent design' opens.
* Should Britain fund space exploration?
* New movie to reveal secrets of Johnny Cash.

Ted Koppel's place on Nightline to be filled by three anchors. gallery of classic NFL photos.
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