PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Violent crime rates drop again. In other good news, wars are becoming less frequent and less deadly.

Supreme Court won't block Missouri inmate's abortion.

* Analysis: administration changes tone on Iraq.
* Today's understated headline: "Miller's Lawyer Says Aide May Face 'Problem' in Probe" Plus, further analysis from Howard Kurtz.
* Quake's death toll from Pakistan rises.
* Victims of war wait for justice in Iran.
* House Republicans vow to cut spending. May sound familiar, but there's a new undercurrent.
* Do cheap home loans signal new economic trouble ahead?
* That scamp Ted Rall, with appropriate punishments for Bush voters.
* Tribal casinos are branching out.
* What about video games about peace?

An architect works to improve India's slums.

Insert joke here: "Australia to double spy personnel"

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