PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Taxpayer support for public universities, measured per student, has plunged more precipitously since 2001 than at any time in two decades, and several university presidents are calling the decline a de facto privatization of the institutions that played a crucial role in the creation of the American middle class."

Boom, baby: the NYTimes speaks on the Judith Miller affair. Bonus: follow-up by Howard Kurtz.

Good read: how Abramoff stacked the deck.

* New Orleans has to deal with 22 million tons of garbage and debris.
* Right wing activists protest doll manufacturer for radical practices like supporting women's health.
* The Republican split on Miers is an opportunity for Democrats.
* Everyone praises Miers, but no one has any details.
* Businesses promote drinking games among college students.

Holy hannah! Germany's water bridge.

"DJ Fatboy Slim and Talking Heads singer David Byrne are writing a musical about former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos."

Good work, Virginia. High school pulls "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" from band play list, after a complaint about the separation of church and state. tears up Cameron Crowe.

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