PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Work has been pretty goofy busy all week, which combined with my new Marathon Commute and general issues has lead to this week being one giant ball of stress. Gah.

I've got about five LJ posts lined up for, you know, when I have the time. I'm behind on almost every forum I usually keep up with, and have only been keeping up with one of my multitude of TV shows. Life-changing events are in process, I can tell. Oddly, that's the basis for one of the upcoming megaposts.

Thanks to the Millions More March today, Metro was running early enough for me to take it to work. Hooray! The ride home will be amusing, at least.

The ride in was pretty damn cool. Opening at five was clearly way too early for the event, as I didn't see a single identifiable marcher. And since Metro isn't usually opened this early on Saturdays, the only people there were, like me, weekend employees who happened to know they could take the Metro for a change. It's freaky to hit L'Enfant (for non-locals, the biggest Metro station) and only see five other people there. And I stayed awake the entire ride for a change. Mucho reading done in the swanky book club book.

And thanks to (other people's) schedule goofiness, I get to work a couple extra hours this afternoon. SCORE. Fingers crossed things will stay as quiet as they are at the moment. Which is quieter than it has been in a long time.

What else. Kermit's birthday party tonight, hopefully some s00shi snuck in before that. Tomorrow, taking bebe to meet Selene's family in Far Maryland. No Renfest this week, *maybe* next. Dunno if time and money will permit.

One day, I will have to stop hitting repeat once or twice every time I listen to Decoded Feedback's "Atlantis." That day is clearly not today, as I'm on play #4 as I type this.

Entering whole new worlds of gaming withdrawal. Only really had time to sneak in a couple hours of CoH in the past week, and a couple hours painting one night as well. Soon, soon. Once I move back in the area, I totally need to find some regular action. Er, gaming action. You know what I mean.

Have I mentioned how awesome and supportive Selene has been this whole time? It's still true. She's going through a lot on her own side as well, and still has the energy to be there for me. It's megacool.

Had a big scare with a close friend the other day. Everything is OK and on the mend now, but man. Once again, one of those things that puts things into perspective, as it were.

Oh. Speaking of gaming, I met my new best friend on the Metro yesterday. He got on the train just after I got on for the second half of the commute home, noticed I was reading a gaming book, and sat down next to me and chatted me up. Like me, he's getting older, hasn't played an RPG in too long, etc. Unlike me, he turned out to be really annoying, socially inept, and more interested in telling me gaming war stories about his cool characters from his dumb game from ten years ago. I didn't pick up on the annoying part at first, and felt suckered into it when I realized where he was going. Nonetheless, I was polite, because hell, it was just the train home. But if he shows up again, I might have to switch cars or something. Which is a shame, as I take the most efficient cars for a reason, people.

OK, time to get thigns done. More later, of course.
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