PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The healthiest aspect of the Harriet Miers nomination is that women haven't rallied to her cause."
-Tina Brown (good read)

Grim reality: pictures of (and commentary on) the real Iraq.

"In 2001, U.S. industry spent more on liability lawsuits than on research and development." (See also.)

"Honest Conservatives Awaken"

* Government spending $11 million a day on hotel rooms for Katrina refugees.
* Staff at New Orleans hospital discussed euthanizing patients. Also: discussing the life or death discussion.
* So. Who is Harriet Miers? Bush brings the role of religion back into the debate, and is taking flak for it.
* Can Feingold set an example for the Democrats?
* Battling over same-sex marriage in Texas.
* The Amtrak breakup plans proceed.
* Why is the NYTimes putting off the story on Miller's testimony?
* Meanwhile, Dubai continues to be goofy.
* An accidental find, in Beethoven's handwriting.

New James Bond named.

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    "It’s Time for Black Liberation, Not Liberalism."

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    What lead to the death of the enclosed mall as a concept?

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