PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

.elbat acimrof a si sihT

* Let's kick things off with Hurley vs. pantry.
* This swerve brought to you by Jin, and the great taste of chicken. "You're speaking Korean." Nice work, Mr. Abrams.
* "Everything is going to change."
* "Grab the rope." Heh, Rambina.
* "You have to change yourself, Hugo."
* Wait, they're not telling the rest of the camp about the contents of hatch? What a bad idea.
* Hey, it's Rose again.
* And now, Hugo's friend, the New Guy.
* Uh oh, Claire finds the bottle.
* "Who needs money when you've got good looks?"
* This laundry issue has gotten me thinking, how is Locke keeping that white shirt so white?
* "Bloody A-Team mission."
* Does Charlie have a non-jerk mode? Yeesh. I'm liking him about as much as Jack these days.
* Annalucia = awesome.
* Hooray for dungeoncrawl!
* 23!
* "Misunderstanding is when you bring me lemonade instead of iced tea." -Sawyer
* "I thought you said there was 23 of you." "There were." !!!
* Man, Shannon towers over Claire. And Shannon isn't tall.
* Heh, Locke and the guns.
* Wait, Hurley has dynamite? "I'm sorry, but I can't let it happen again.
* Giving out all the food. This scene totally has a loaves and fishes feel.
* However, I totally didn't need them to bring up the peanut butter thing again.
* Aw, now everybody loves Hugo.
* And, Sun buries the bottle, tragic.
* Heh, Rose's husband.
* Next week: "You have no idea what these people are capable of."

Wow. They did a great job of making me feel bad for Hurley, and having to make that decision. He totally went with the right call, though.

So, the rest of the second group of survivors: gotten by the Others? Went crazy with whispering? Natural attrition? I'm pulling for cannibalism myself.

"Driveshaft? More like Suckshaft."
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