PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Bush squandered this opportunity by falling into the trap that has snared the modern GOP -- of playing to the base rather than to the nation. The Republicans behave as if the country agrees with them on issues, when that demonstrably isn't so."
-David Ignatius (good read)

So, why would FEMA restrict access to evacuee data? Also: telling pictures from a FEMA city.

'Tackling female health would not only save millions of lives but reduce global poverty.'

Great read: Dana Milbank on the president's body language.

George Tenet's revenge?

* Losing hope and not moving on in Louisiana.
* The President's tax panel makes suggestions; I'll let you guess who would end up paying.
* Dealing with the conundrum of a dethroned DeLay.
* DeLay's lawyers subpoena Texas DA. Isn't there a term for this?
* Air Force changes its evangelical policy for chaplains.
* Scouring papers for hints on Mier's point of view.
* Is Homo floresiensis actually a new species?
* Doctors challenge baby feeding myths.
* The toy industry is in for a tough year.
* Weblogs as therapy.
* Is pop speech bad for us?
* Scrubs is coming back to TV!

Harvard and Yale aren't colleges, they're brands, and it's all marketing.

Tom Tomorrow on the GOP meltdown.

Director named for John Carter of Mars.

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