PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

First off, happy birthday to Kermit, and a pre-emptive happy birthday to Pickett! And happy anniversary to Belle and McCool!

Second, congrats to Mike and Jess, who tied the knot yesterday!

OK, catching up...

My work schedule is all kinds of wacky, so everything is out of order. Friday was originally going to be Mirrormask, but as the rain was pretty heavy, we opted out for something at Muvico instead. Hence, we end up at Roll Bounce. Seriously. Details below.

Friday night, family dinner (not mine) for Pickett's birthday, very tasty. Afterwards, we retired to their place and were up late drinkin' and talkin'. Crashed over, and in the morning, watched 1776. A couple friends have been after me to watch this for a while, and it's, uh, something. I think I would have liked it better without the singing. Yes, this is true of many musicals, but especially so here. Glad I saw it though, and man, quite the cast.

Last night was a positively lovely wedding celebration for Prakriti and Joe. Big fun! Many pictures will star in their own post later today or tomorrow.

Currently, I'm cursing a certain someone for getting me hooked into another not-great webcomic.

Tonight, picking up te bebe on the way home and introducing her to the Skypad.</b>

So, yeah. The trailers for Roll Bounce seemed entertaining, but oh man. This is one of the most fun movies of the year. Don't get me wrong, it's not Oscar material. If you've seen any sport movie where the plucky underdogs end up in the finals against the undisputed champions, you can write this movie. But laws almighty, if this doesn't win the Oscars for best costumes and best hair, it would be a travesty. The 70's thing is played so straight, the actors probably deserve awards just for pulling it off without cracking up in every seen. Big fun, very funny, and some scary rollerskating going on. Plus a bevy of guest stars, some pretty much unrecognizable (Wayne Brady!) And everyone had fun making it, you can really tell. If you're looking for some amusing, non-deep fun, check it out.

New trailers:
* Get Rich or Die Tryin' - See, he's a gangster, but he escapes his violent life through his *music.* Directed by the guy who did... My Left Foot? What an odd choice.
* Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - Yawn. This looks so dull, I can't even think up anything funny to say about it.

Man. Totally robbed on trailers.
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