PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Due to circumstances far beyond our control (not really), Selene and I were able to catch a showing of A History of Violence. Damn good stuff! Very non-typical for Cronenberg, in a good way. Good story, good acting. And if William Hurt doesn't get at least a nomination for best supporting actor, it will be because of highway robbery.

New trailers:
* The New World - Um. This trailer is better than the last, but I don't think I'm any closer to watching this.
* Casanova - So torn on this one. First half of the trailer looked pretty bad (a historical character I'm pretty bored with, *plus* a love story!), but the second half brought us not only Oliver "Flatliners" Platt, but also Jeremy "Dungeons & Dragons" Irons! So torn.
* Stay - OK, if there are some surprises in there, maybe. But honestly, I think I could write all the surprises based off the trailer. Time will tell.
* Jarhead - Lookin' good, actually. Trying not to get my hopes up. But still.
* Domino - Huh. New trailer doesn't make the movie look any better, per se, but it does make it look more interesting. Moving this to the "maybe" column.
* Aeon Flux - New trailer, same old crap.
* Doom - Wow, this looks awful. No, really.

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