PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"I'm not surprised that's what she believes. I'm surprised her handlers let her say it."

Senate turns out to be anti-torture! Good work. Of course, the administration disagrees. In related news, Israeli court rules against using human shields.

Good read: Dick Meyer on paranoia on both sides of the aisle.

BAGnewsNotes on Fallujah and Osama.

* Conservative Republicans remain fiesty. I continue to be amused.
* Ted Rall wonders if she opposed the torture memo.

* "The former head of procurement policy for the White House budget office was indicted Wednesday on charges of obstructing investigators and lying about his ties to Jack Abramoff."
* A case of free speech, war and protest, and an arrest on campus.
* Four years later, what anthrax investigation?
* Is the recruiting shortfall being misreported?
* Learning from an ancient interstellar collision.
* Internet over power lines in Mannassas.
* Proposed stadium will change the face of Southeast (Hey, look, there's Nation at #7! Uh oh.)
* Ooh. George Clooney to do a live TV remake of Network.

'The 1918 influenza virus, the cause of one of history's most deadly epidemics, has been reconstructed and found to be a bird flu that jumped directly to humans.'

Post employees talk back to the bosses.

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