PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

How's anyone going to fit in that tiny station? They can't even fit in the door!

* Wait, their lead-in to Lost is... George Lopez? Is ABC, in fact, run by monkeys?
* Previously, on Lost: Lucky Charms are frosted.
* Yay Locke episode!
* Katey Sagal? Bonus!
* "Transforming anger"
* Helen: "I like bald guys." Locke: "I'm not bald." Helen: "I can wait."
* Ha ha, he just totally shot that computer.
* "What did you do? We're all going to die." -Desmond
* Well, technically Irish McIrish, it's Kate's fault.
* OMG it's a countdown.
* "There's no why." "And John - don't come back, you're not wanted." -Locke's dad
* "Just savin' the world, he says." -Desmond
* "It's about time things are finally returning to normal around here." -Hurley
* "Why is it insane?"

* 1970! Oh, man, I love this film. IF someone finds a copy of the video online, let me know.
* "unique electromagnetic fluctuations"
* Uh, Skinner? Huh.
* "We're going to need to watch that again." -Locke
* She swam to shore? Hardcore. And being alone all this time? Huh.
* "I push this button every 108 minutes, I don't get out much." -Desmond
* Locke's scared of moving forward. Heh, leap of faih.
* Q: why bring Hurley to the station? A: because he rules.
* Well, *of course* Annalucia's with them. Worst surprise ever.
* "Why are you running? You don't even know what you're running from!"
* "I'll take the first shift." -Locke

Next week: "Everything is going to change." -Jin
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