PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Rock star Andrew Cohen tears her up. David Corn wonders who she is. William Kristol is just disappointed.
* Bush defends his choice in a press conference (bonus: transcript.) The NYTimes editorial declares it another stealth nominee. Or is he just trying to avoid a fight?
* Howard Kurtz on revolt from the right.
* Another look at ther role in gambling oversight.

Courtesy BAGnewsNotes.

* DeLay indicted on money laundering also.
* How the Katrina diaspora will change the political demographics of the state.
* Former judge (and wacko) Roy Moore to run for governor.
* Analysis of Rove and Libby's role in the Plame leak.
* A look inside the pro-life movement (courtesy rackletang.)
* "About 9,700 American prisoners are serving life sentences for crimes they committed... before they turned 18. More than a fifth have no chance for parole."
* I don't know where to start on this dumb criminal.

Reinterpreting Ramadan.

This just in: red-light cameras only rake in money, they don't prevent accidents.

Today's headline:
"The Man Who Took Hip-Hop's Baby Pictures"

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