PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Miers nomination:
* Profile at NYTimes and Legal Times.
* Yep, never been a judge.
* Joel Achenbach on cronyism.

Bush remains silent on Russia.

How unprepared is Karen Hughes?

A lot of people use condoms wrong. A whole lot.

* Bob Schieffer on checks and balances.
* LATimes editorial on the Republican let-down.
* "The number of criminal cases opened by the FBI has dropped by nearly half since 2000, a reflection of the bureau's shift toward stopping terrorist attacks."
* Analysis of DeLay's continued influence.
* Andy Rooney on the war machine.
* High oil prices cause trouble worldwide.
* Former champlain writes of abuse at Guantanamo.
* Confronting the ideology of al-Qaeda.
* The survival of Chalabi.
* Mars rovers: still going!

August Wilson passed away.

Robin Laws on the performance of Serenity at the box office.

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