PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Selene and I took a well-needed break from moving to check out Serenity. I enjoyed it! Not the best movie of all time, or even the best movie of the year, but good stuff, a good conclusion to the River storyline. A few formulaic bits, but really, I can forgive them since this is just a movie based on a cancelled Fox TV show, and a space western at that. And really, seeing River as the goddess of death incarnate was pretty fantastic.

Wash's death was tragic and painful. Book's death was, well, kinda pointless. Bad enough you don't give the guy a real part in the movie, but man, then you gotta get him killed? Feh. (Side note: Wash and Book were my favorite crew members.) Whedon's portrayed it as a tough universe before, I understand the theory, but man. (Having all of Wash's dinosaurs up on the console at the end was a nice touch.)

As noted elsewhere, I don't know why they retconned River's escape from the facility. All it really does is make Simon a slightly less believable character.

As for the film itself, pretty enjoyable stuff. Some... interesting lighting decisions, which I'm gonna have to let sit with me before I make final decisions on that. Fine and dandy jump cuts in there, though. And a number of other Whedon trademarks.

More later, and in comments in other people's stuff.

Side note: I'm very interested to hear reviews from regular people who saw the movie *without* having seen the show.
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