PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Tom DeLay has been so intellectually dishonest for so long that news that he may have been criminally dishonest hardly comes as a surprise. The question now is how much worse the political culture will become before it can get better."
-LATimes editorial

* His resignation comes at a bad time for the Republican party. They've had a bad year. Oh, heck, here's the same story at the Times.
* And Congress loses the enforcer.
* Post editorial isn't surprised, but...
* The prosecutor isn't worried about counterattacks.
* The power struggle that wasn't.
* Terry Neal, on how the Republicans didn't learn from the Democrats' past mistakes.
* Plus, Howard Kurtz on the fallout.

* Who's definition of 'affordable housing' are we using?
* The craziest Abramoff story yet.
* Obama makes ripples, not waves.
* New pardons by Bush. (I love these things.)
* Looking into the future of the internet.
* Johnny Cash: the Broadway Musical.
* "Imagine how offensive this all would be if the premise were: 'This fall, a black man will be president.'"
* On David Cronenberg's new movie. Which I totally want to see.

Muppet stamps! Also, Kermit's world tour.

Congrats, Philly.'s pictures of the week.
Also, BBC In Pictures: Fortress Europe.

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