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"Republicans have held the House for almost 12 years and have occupied the White House for all but eight of the past 25 years, yet they have failed to shut off the spending valves in Washington. It was only a matter of time before Democrats ran against wasteful Republican spending... Republicans were sent to Washington in the 1950s to repeal the New Deal. Voters sent them packing when it became clear they were big spenders. In the 1990s Republicans were sent to Washington to repeal the Great Society. If they too turn out to be big spenders, they can expect a similar fate."
-Brendan Miniter

*** Breaking, awesome news: DeLay has been indicted. ***
(Update: and steps down as House leader.)

Jefferson Morley on the debate over Hugo Chavez.

* "Why Bush is wrong on poverty."
* Sorting out fact and fiction from Katrina reports.
* Howard Kurtz on the blame game and other hot issues.
* Karen Hughes meeting critics overseas. Bonus: Hughes on tour.
* Man, Bush and Putin do have a lot in common.
* Pressure and intimidation over the push for 'intelligent design.'
* What about getting rid of leap seconds?
* Arctic ice disappearing.
* Town in Puerto Rico builds UFO landing strip.
* Only Australians really party like this.
* MSN TV's most shocking TV deaths.

Whoah. The Japanese are digging a hole to the earth's mantle (courtesy Northram.)

OMG action footage of a live giant squid!
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