PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Side note: due to some administrativa, I won't have internet access at home until later in the week. Luckily, I'm pretty busy, so I'm not going through CoH withdrawal (yet) but man, no e-mail or LJ except at work! It's heartbreaking. (plus, I'll have to sneak Gimp onto this machine so I can do some icons.)

Oh, and for those who know Selene, she has *no* internet access, effectively. I'm sure she'd appreciate phone calls where you just laugh at her expressing your sympathy.

Still hip deep in moving, work still busy, etc. Many thanks to Norton and Selene for helping me move bulky objects yesterday. It was a mighty pile of things. And I don't even think I broke my toe, but man, it sure felt like it.
Tags: not news
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