PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Good read: faith, law, and science, and the fight against 'intelligent design'.

The administration's crony capitalism.

Mark Phillips on the conquered.

* Right, Bush is urging fuel conservation, while he starts trip #7. I totally hope someone keeps track of all his GOP fundraising trips he takes (all on your tax money, people!)
* Make levees, not war
* Harry Smith, on comprehending disaster.
* OK, there may be a problem here. The number of illegal immigrants has surpassed that of legal immigrants.
* Greenspan issues warning on risky mortgages.
* New Jersey sues oil companies over gas price gouging.
* Parents protestschool closures in Georgia.
* GOP kicks off PR campaign to assuage conservative fears.
* Ted Rall on presidential regression.
* Australia gets their own anti-terrorism laws.
* Whew, glad to hear we're not the only country with controversy over fake science being taught in schools.
* Ah, vasectomy humor.
* Just when you never thought you'd hear "Anna Nicole Smith" and "Supreme Court" in the same sentence.

Today's BBC headline: Satellites to monitor panda sex

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