PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The White House's goal is to cast anybody who supports a pullout of U.S. troops from Iraq as sadly delusional, reckless and not to be taken seriously. But Bush may be in trouble here, because he's trying to marginalize a majority."
-Dan Froomkin (*definitely* check out the section 'A Reader's Critique.')

'Over the next 10 years, Americans will not receive nearly $750 billion in tax cuts sponsored by President Bush because the cuts will be offset by the alternative minimum tax.'

Public broadcasting remains in danger from partisan attacks.

Man, DC is pretty goofed up this weekend. Wish today was a Metro day for me, kinda.

* New reports of systematic detainee abuse.
* Analysis: The administration struggles to regain his footing, and the repercussions are intense.
* Saudi prince speaks out on Iraq.
* On fixing FEMA.
* Dan Rather blasts the new journalism order.
* Wolfowitz and the war on poverty.
* An anonymous cardinal breaks the vow of secrecy surrounding the papal conclave.
* The head of the FDA steps down. Hmm.
* Reviews from the New York Film Festival.
* 'A Director's Cuts: The Samurai Savvy Of Hideo Gosha'

The challenge of naming all the new landmarks on Mars.

Dissecting the president's bathroom break note.

Hollywood takes notice of churches - as marketing tools.

"For me, industrial film is really interesting spy work, and then I go home and do what I really do."
-Tilda Swinton

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