PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"But our current budget policies are built not on honest coherence but on incoherence or, even worse, a dishonest coherence. The president and members of Congress always insist that they are fiscal conservatives who believe in balanced budgets. Yet their actions bear no relationship to their words, and labels such as "conservative" have no connection to their policies. Our federal purse strings are in the hands of fiscal radicals."
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

Ooh. Tales of Blackwater and other mercenaries, contracted by the government, on the ground in New Orleans.

Joel Achenbach, on GOP plans for taxing the poor.

'Running the world: the limits of US power and case for deeper global integration.'

* Frist under scrutiny for possibly illegal stock sale.
* Abramoff bragged of ties to Rove.
* Virginia sees shortfall in No Child Left Behind funding.
* Goss to expand CIA spying operations, in the face of renewed criticism.
* Dottie Lynch on the Roberts endgame.
* Jimmy Carter and James Baker want to see more voting reform.
* Lawmakers work on how to protect pets during evacuations.
* Lloyd Garver, on recruiting new hunters at a young age.
* Congrats, we're officially in a drought.
* gets rid of... Jeeves?
* Record ratings for the Lost premiere, and the fall season's first cancellation.

Joss Whedon's next movie: Goner.

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