PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, here's a rough outline of how my life's been for the past couple of weeks, and how it'll be for the next week and change:

- Wake up at 4:30 in the morning or so.
- Drive from Baltimore to the Greenbelt Metro.
- Metro to work, work, Metro back.
- Pick up bebe, hang out with her for a few hours.
- RQ returns, hand off bebe, pack a few boxes.
- Drive boxes to Baltimore, unload car.
- Pass out from exhaustion.

Dramatically behind on reading, and movies, and television, and gaming.

Totally need to work on some icons, too; feel free to make suggestions.

Seriously, the month's been pretty dull otherwise. Caught a movie, hung out with the gaming crew one night. Saw a fun play by Harmony (formerly codenamed Bonnie.) And, now that I think of it, saw a play by her daughter as well, also at the Laurel Mill Playhouse. Heh.

The "good" news is, the lack of time-out has made the fact that I'm running dramatically low on money bearable. A couple old debts caught up with me, and while I've got the plan to get things paid off (presuming nothing else goes wrong) it's going to be a slim couple months coming up. Hopefully can trick people into gaming or watching DVDs with me in the interim.

Bebe had *another* ear infection this week, which kept her out a couple days. She's doing better now, but man, poor bebe.

Work's been goofy too, very busy. Which, combined with the moving (and no computer at the Laurel house) means dramatically less internet time pour moi.

Also, with the running around and eveything, my eatng habits are shot. Too many snacks, too much fast food. Luckily, Selene's Skypad on the seveth floor of Baltimore comes equipped with a treadmill, so once I have some free time (hah!) I can get on a regimen there.

Hmmm, I think that's enough bitching for now. Had like ten other things to say, totally forgotten when I sit down to write it. Really, I'll just be glad when things stabilize for a while. (You know, like when I move again in December/January.) (Heh.)

Speaking of the Laurel Mill Playhouse, let me note Selene's one-act play is this weekend. (Hers is "The Whole Shebang.") I'll be there, uh, Saturday night.
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