PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"President Bush doesn't often find common cause with Cuba, Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria and Venezuela. But this month the Bush administration joined with those countries and others to eviscerate a forthright U.N. statement that nations have an obligation to respond to genocide. It was our own Axis of Medieval, and it reflected the feckless response of President Bush to genocide in Darfur. It's not that he favors children being tossed onto bonfires or teenage girls being gang-raped and mutilated, but he can't bother himself to try very hard to stop these horrors, either."
-Nicholas Kristof

* The Katrina disaster pulled back the curtain on the other national tragedy: poverty.
* "Hurricane Katrina has forced President Bush to confront the issues of race and poverty in a way that has shaken his presidency and altered his priorities."
* David Ignatius on the trials within Islam.
* Where were the Afghani voters?
* Bill Clinton continues his criticism of the White House.

I totally forgot to watch the Emmys. Luckily, the Post covered it. Here's the simple list of winners. Quick notes: kudoes to Lost and Daily Show. Tragically, Deadwood and Scrubs got shafted. Some strange winners in there too.

And, of course, happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, me hearties.

Updates, post 'em, I won't be online again until late tonight.

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