PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"While public conversation about abortion is dominated by advocates with all-or-nothing positions - treating the fetus as a complete person, with full rights, or as a nonentity, with none - most patients at the clinic, like most Americans, found themselves on rockier ground, weighing religious, ethical, practical, sentimental and financial imperatives that were often in conflict."

"Any conservative with third grade math skills or beyond could smell trillions of dollars of budget deficit flowing out of Bush's mouth."

Frank Rich on the unmasking of George W. Bush.

Terrorism diversified.

The biggest issue coming to the Supreme Court? Privacy.

* Right, that other war: Afghanistan goes to the polls, successfully.
* Troops re-seal border between Gaza and Egypt.
* Iran claims a 'right' to nuclear power.
* Attention Latinos: Uncle Sam wants you.
* Post backs the nomination of Roberts.
* A suicide note and corporate deceit.
* As temperatures rise, more powerful hurricanes are becoming more common.
* Disease threatens amphibians worldwide.
* Black hole astronomer Bondi passed away.
* Hollywood loves outsiders.
* New movie on Murrow vs. McCarthy.
* So, Katrina jokes are OK now.

Write your own joke: "Nintendo plans one-handed joypad"

And, ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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