PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Bob Herbert, on the sick and abandoned.

GOP split over storm spending.

Life in FEMA City, with survivors from a hurricane from last year.

Right, anthrax probe, forgot about that. (Also, NYTimes.)

* Transcript
* Post analysis: a bid to repair the presidency.
* Times analysis: amid the ruins, a president tries to reconstructs his image.

* Brownie talks frustration and chaos.
* A lack of leadership hampered aid.
* So, uh, how will we pay for all this? Right, spending cuts.
* Police chief defends his decision to turn away refugees.
* Disaster charity leaves the regular homeless behind.
* Cultural divisions in relief concerts.

* Republicans call for release of CIA report.
* So. How much jail time does white collar crime warrant?
* Dottie Lynch on Bush's comeback chances.
* White House faces frustration at the UN.
* Oh boy, Constitution Day.
* Hey, anyone seen the plague-infected mice around here?
* Porn domain for the internet remains in limbo.
* Nobel prize winners defend evolution. But c'mon, what the heck to *they* know?
* Da Vinci Code brings light to Opus Dei.
* NBC shoots for the non-New York audience.
* "Characters and tools accumulated in online role-playing games have cash value in the real world."

NASA talks plan for new space vehicles, and a moon mission in 2018?

A day in the life of an Afghani village.

Judith Miller gets some interesting visitors in prison.

Wait. Why is everyone OK with the name "Redskins"?

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