PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Bush allies getting Katrina work: companies with ties to the White House among the first awarded reconstruction deals.

Deep-Rooted Incompetence: Hurricane Response Can Be Traced To GOP Mission.

World Opinion Roundup: America in Black and White.

* So. Who will return to New Orleans?
* New Orleans police continue to face increasing pressure.
* How the rich are protecting their property in New Orleans.
* Ethnic media provides a different look at the disaster.

* Karzai says the US needs to reconsider their approach to Afghanistan.
* Transcript: Roberts' opening statement.
* More Guantanamo detainees join hunger strike.
* Affordable housing in DC disappears.
* The DC arsonist gets life in prison.
* As wealth and freedom boom in China, so does the divorce rate.
* Bush threatens to veto bill that would make the air cleaner by returning to older standards.
* Hubble provides a new map of Pluto.
* Distant cosmic blast sighted.
* The circuitry of stem cells.
* Baby born to braindead woman dies of premature complications.
* The public turns against reality TV.
* Tom Shales on "The Hardy Boys Go Ghostbusting."
* "Belly Dancers, Vampires, and Tony Curtis"
* "The Passion of the Penguins"?

How Curious George escaped the Nazis

What the fall batch of movies tell us.
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