PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Thoughts on Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Two things that bugged me:
1. The Ents and the wargs had a real puppety look to them.
2. Being the middle child movie, there wasn't enough time for any one character to get any real focus.
3. Gollum and Wormtongue won't get the Academy awards they deserve.

Three parts that made me cry:
1. Theoden asks for his son, and then at his grave.
2. Gollum calls himself murderer.
3. At the end, right after Frodo held Sting to Sam's throat, and he realizes what is going on, and falls back and lets the sword fall from his hand. It's so grim, gets me every time.

Two things I also liked:
1. Where Frodo almost offers the Ring to the Witch King. Man, awesome addition.
2. Sam's speech at the end. He's definitely the real hero of the trilogy of movies, even more than in the books, and I am fine with that.

Three of the points in the movie that the whole thing should have gone silent, and someone breaks the silence by just saying "Shit.":
1. Gandalf reveals himself to Theoden as Gandalf the White.
2. On the walls at Helm's Deep, when they realize the size of the orc horde.
3. Saruman looks down from the tower at the Ents destroying his 'war machine.'
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