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Today's must-read: "The demand for Latino labor was so high this year across the country that the national cap of 66,000 temporary visas was reached before many Chesapeake processors submitted applications."

Library consortium wins minor victory in a challenge to the Patriot Act.

In the New Orleans search, a crudely-drawn symbol holds much power.

Republicans' remarks come back to haunt them.

* News analysis of the Brown fiasco. Also, Maureen Dowd on cronyism.
* Gah. Five of eight top FEMA officials are political appointees with no relevant experience.
* Political agendas emerge.
* Powell slams hurricane response.
* The storm's impact on foreign policy.
* BAGnewsNotes on Laura Bush, photo ops, and body language.
* Bonus: Snopes on Katrina.

* "A federal appeals court yesterday backed the president's power to indefinitely detain a U.S. citizen captured on U.S. soil without any criminal charges."
* Mercenaries in Iraq come under scrutiny again.
* Texas fires reporter after talking to the press about Rove.
* Roberts and the war on the courts.
* Link found between brain chemistry and anorexia?
* Politics: on legislators and video games.

UK scientists are granted permission to create a human embryo that will have genetic material from two mothers.

Scary thoughts: global warming leads to melted glaciers lead to dramatic shortage of drinking water.

'Olaudah Equiano's account of the Middle Passage gave abolitionists moral authority. But it might not be true.'

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