PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"If 9/11 was Bush's Woodstock, Katrina is his Altamont - the place where his ability to unite people behind a flurry of flag-waving came to look like the hollow sham it always was. John Edwards's mantra of Two Americas doesn't sound so corny now that Bush's soaring vision of democracy on the march has suddenly been laid as bare as an abandoned Superdome where the toilets are overflowing."
-Tina Brown

Howard Kurtz on how Katrina is good news for Roberts.

"Facts and Rumors: Federal Power in a State of Emergency"

Good question: interesting questions about the makeup of the Supreme Court.

* FEMA bars pictures of the recovered bodies.
* Watching the Superdome lose power.
* How Katrina has revived the antiwar movement.

* Yushchenko sacks the Ukrainian government.
* Gas station owners aren't cashing in.
* A bigger test for the court than the Roberts nomination.
* Conference shines spotlight on Pakistan's rape problem.
* Today's environmental problem is warmer soil.
* Mmmm, solar flares.

Deep Impact reveals a fragile, empty comet.

"I do not think anyone can possibly understand how boring a general election in the world's best country really is."

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