PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"There's something wrong when a billionaire buys a ranch, gets a tax break for an easement and then chases the locals off the river in the name of conservation."

Leave it to the National Review to defend gasoline price gouging.

Eminent domain for big business no longer a theory in Missouri.

LiveOnline transcript with an author on his book on the lives of ordinary Iraqis.

* Andrew Cohen on Bush's trifecta with Roberts.
* Roberts learned what not to do from Rehnquist.
* Analysis: Roberts' personal skills and political savvy are seen as assets.
* E.J. Dionne Jr. wonders if Roberts for chief justice was Bush's plan all along.

* Uh, guys, we'll have to fix those bridges later.
* Chernobyl death estimate downgraded.
* The fluffy rings of Saturn.
* presents its top entertainment moments of the past 25 years, and ten nww fall TV shows to watch.

Why are their still questions about the safety of the morning-after pill?

Kansas puts Darwinism on trial, again.

The summer bust leaves Hollywood worried.

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