31 December 2002 @ 02:55 pm
Alton Brown, the God of Rock.

* End of the year means wrap-ups, and here one on why 2002 sucked. Not the least of which was government spending out of control.
* Hey, where's the president?
* A year of weird news from 2002. And more. Speaking of which, thanks to Magistrate for the news on the man saved by condiments.
* Tips on how to live longer.
* Despite the economy and all that jazz, box office takes are up.
* Finally, justice as Alan Bates and Ridley Scott are knighted.
(Anonymous) on January 2nd, 2003 10:30 am (UTC)
Alton Brown, Geek Lord of the Foodiverse
It is his world, we just live in it, under the shadow of his golden spatula.